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Subject: Typography

Written By: wixness on 06/29/18 at 5:03 pm

So, I was just wondering if you guys are interested in it. I put it here because it spans multiple decades even though I don't want to compare decades and typography. I thought that this was not going to be serious enough for Tenacious Tuxedo Talk as well.

I seem to have an amateur interest for it because somehow, I got into how letters looked like. I'm into writing systems and languages in general but I don't make an effort to learn them. Generally I prefer sans serif and monospace typefaces with a wide Unicode coverage, with a few exceptions here and there. Thank God that the Noto Fonts are out - those things so far have an unmatched Unicode coverage, although they are all released as separate typefaces per writing system.

It also interests me since typography will be a key element in user interface design, which is also something I have a little bit of an interest in - a wide Unicode coverage is relevant here since one could be making an application that targets a global audience. It peeves me off sometimes to see poorly chosen typefaces, typefaces I don't like or typefaces with an inadequate Unicode coverage for its purpose (for instance, the game CS:GO only covers Latin glyphs).

What do you guys think? I doubt you'll be familiar with typefaces though except for the infamous Comic Sans.

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