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Subject: Farthest back decade that still feels like it has influence today?

Written By: bchris02 on 01/03/19 at 7:32 pm

Even if only echoes.  I would say the 1990s.  I think at this point the 1980s and before have become history.  The digital revolution and the pop culture changes that accompanied it in the 1990s set the stage for our 21st century world.  The genres that dominate pop music today: hip-hop, pop, and EDM, all have their roots in the 1990s.  Meanwhile genres that defined the 80s and before such as rock, adult contemporary ballads eg. Celine Dion, post-disco, new jack swing, etc have died slow deaths in the years since 1990.  The '90s even gave us modern country music.  Country was very different prior to the mid to late 90s.

Looking back at the Reagan 1980s, it just seems like another world.  A different era that's as different from today as the 1950s is.  It's really hard to imagine 1999, the world of Office Space, was only 10 years after Reagan was President.  So what do you think and why?

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