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Subject: Late 80s borns: Which eras do you miss the most?

Written By: imrane on 01/04/20 at 10:43 am

Now that most all of us are 30+ what years do you miss the most? And which ones the least? 1990 and 1991 borns can also comment as culturally they're very close to us 1987-1989 borns! ;)

I'll start: I miss the 90s, but mostly 1992-1994 as the culture still felt almost 80s (and I didn't dig the late 90s teen pop era much).

I liked 2000, it was just like the late 90s but my most favorite years in the 2000s for culture were 2005-2009, esp. 2008-2009 for music. 2003-2004 were good for personal life but music was so-so. I hated 2001-2002, they were trying too hard to seem edgy and futuristic.

I also miss 2010-2013. I will never miss 2015-2019 as I don't like my personal life nor the culture durimg those years. 2014 was 50/50 - started well enough, perfect even, but ended meh. And what about you?

Subject: Re: Late 80s borns: Which eras do you miss the most?

Written By: Gdowe1991 on 02/16/20 at 1:07 pm

As of for which years I miss at this point in time I would have to say between the years 1995-1997, which I was 4-6 at the time. I've always had a deep fondness for the mid 90s. I  just miss the simplicity of this era and most of all I miss my early childhood.

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