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Subject: Generational dates according to me

Written By: CarCar on 01/31/20 at 2:52 am

I’ve based my dates off of cohorts and numbers mostly on how many teen years each person spent in a specific decade regardless of pop culture so here goes nothing

B. 1944-1953: The 1960s Generation
Kids of the 50s
Teens of the 60s
20 somethings of the 70s

B. 1954-1963: The 1970s Generation
Kids of the 60s
Teens of the 70s
20 somethings of the 80s

B. 1964-1973: The 1980s Generation
Kids of the 70s
Teens of the 80s
20 somethings if the 90s

B. 1974-1983: The 1990s Generation
Kids of the 80s
Teens of the 90s
20 somethings of the 2000s

B. 1984-1993: The 2000s Generation
Kids of the 90s
Teens of the 2000s
20 somethings of the 2010s

B. 1994-2003: The 2010s Generation
Kids of the 2000s
Teens of the 2010s
20 somethings of the 2020s

B. 2004-2013: The 2020s Generation
Kids of the 2010s
Teens of the 2020s
20 somethings of the 2030s

Subject: Re: Generational dates according to me

Written By: violet_shy on 01/31/20 at 2:18 pm

Wow. These are actually really accurate! The terms should include the decades people came of age in or grew up in...very interesting.

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