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Subject: Glorification of the 1980s

Written By: oldmusicfan on 02/25/20 at 8:25 pm

Does anyone else strongly dislike this glorification of the 1980s?

It’s like all of the credit due to other periods goes to the 1980s. 80s fans seem to forget that the first Atari console came out in the 1970s and that The Simpsons is a 90s show.

The whole 1977 to 1992 age was amazing. Why should the 1980s be the ‘be-all and end-all’  online? I’m so sick of seeing statements like, “Looks awesome for a product made in the early '90s!”. What do people think happened immediately after the 1980s?!

Does anyone else find 80s fans (especially people who weren’t there) as equally pompous and ignorant like 90s kids?

Subject: Re: Glorification of the 1980s

Written By: wixness on 02/25/20 at 8:32 pm

Oh I do, but mostly for political reasons. It's killed the New Left dead. The AIDS crisis and the election of Thatcher and Reagan empowered religious fundamentalists and profiteering at the expense of its consumers. I feel like the 2010s have just managed to pick up from where the 70s left off but has ended up being heavily scarred by the political legacy of the 80s, 90s and the 2000s.

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