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Subject: Did NASCAR’s popularity peak in the 90’s OR 2000’s?

Written By: ac01c9e17 on 10/16/21 at 7:11 pm

Which decade was NASCAR more popular in and why?

IMO, while I don’t think the massive popularity of NASCAR in America is really a 90’s thing OR a 2000’s thing (it’s a Y2K Era thing), I’ve always associated NASCAR’s boom period MUCH MORE with the 1990’s decade than the 2000’s due to how popular Jeff Gordon was for NASCAR in the Late-90’s and how the Earnhardt/Gordon rivalry kept everyone’s interest around this time…although a lot of people say NASCAR’s peak in popularity was in the Mid-2000’s which I don’t necessarily agree as I think there was already a giant backlash against the sport by this point in time.

Although I think the sport DEFINITELY saw a HUGE SURGE in popularity for a short period of time after Dale Earnhardt died and NBC/Fox started covering the sport in 2001 due to the how much more conservative and patriotic of a time the Early-2000’s were for America in comparison to the 90’s.

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