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Subject: remember CHEWY CHALK CANDY??
Written By: saver on 03/10/05 at 7:14 pm


If any collectors are interested, I have a bag of Chewy Chalk Candy(from the 80's or 90's) unopened about 1.5oz.

I wrote to the homemade candy company to see what they knew of the product and they said they don't make it anymore!

I asked iif they knew anyone interested in buying an old bag for memories and they said..get this...They don't know anyone who buys 'old food'!

Collectors and candy lovers they must not be.....DOES ANYONE RECALL THAT OLD 'BILLY BEER'
SOLD FOR THOUSANDS$$$$$ AND the outrageous prices one could get for original cereal in the unopened boxes!!!

I believe Hersheys bought the old LEAF GUM corp. that created the candy..due to it's age it may have gotten mushy but this candy was made white on the outside with red/cherry fruit type licorice inside. I saved it because I just figured one day someone may want it to show what ideas didn't work - because I felt it wouldn't have a long life due to parents thinking it would encourage kids to EAT REAL CHALK! -SORT OF LIKE THE HUB-BUB WITH CANDY CIGARETTES. 

Oh well, just sending up a trial balloon if anyone knows anyone interested in buying  bag??

Subject: Re: remember CHEWY CHALK CANDY??
Written By: jim on 10/27/05 at 4:28 pm

I've been looking for that forever, do you still have it?  How much do you want?
Subject: Re: remember CHEWY CHALK CANDY??
Written By: saver on 10/28/05 at 1:51 am

Hi Jim,

I must once again mention as the candy I have are 2 packages..I will let them go for $5.00 for both or $3.00 for 1.

I saved them as I thought a collector would want them one day like they do with old cereal boxes-nobody has cereal from the 50s I thought I'd save the whole package of Chewy Chalk..they were from when they were first introduced as they say NEW on it.

I will not be responsible if they are eaten as I have no idea what shape inside the unopened pack they are in..the sugar seems to have maybe diluted from any condensation in the package so they are not like loose Good N' Plenty, more like gummy worms or jelly beans that were never touched.

Still interested write me: